Stress Management Training

Stress Management Training comprises a set of skills and techniques aimed at enabling the individual to better manage stress.

This comprehensive, step-by-step training course teaches you about overcoming anxiety and turns it into real action using a practical "how-to" approach.   

You will learn simple, real-life strategies that show you how to overcome  physical symptoms and all types of anxious, negative, and obsessive thoughts. 

Each session also incorporates stress management relaxation therapies so that you immediately improve on the symptoms of stress that you are suffering.

The course consists of 8 one hour sessions held weekly on a one to one basis with your stress management consultant.

Each week you will be given a relaxation exercise on CD to take home and practice between sessions.

Stress Management Training can be effective for 

  •      Improving sleep
  •      Reducing muscular tension

  •      Improving digestive disorders

  •      Reducing blood pressure

  •      Reducing anxiety and worry

  •      Increasing energy

  •      Improving well being 

  •      Reducing back pain

  •      Alleviating migraine

  •      Improving immune response

  •      Alleviating depression

  •      Hormonal balancing

    And numerous other stress and anxiety related problems



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